koufonisia islands: Hotels, and apartments in Koufonissia islands, Donousa island, Schinousa island, Iraklia Island

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Koufonissia islands Cyclades Greece made up of Koufonissia islands, Donousa island, Schinousa island and Iraklia island: A group of small islands situated south east of Naxos and west of Amorgos in the heart of the Aegean sea known for their relaxed athmosphere and their sandy beaches. These small islands were only discovered by tourists in the last few years. They have minimal road networks and most of the traveling is done on foot or by boat. Most of Koufonissia islands inhabitants are fishermen. The way of life is peaceful and relaxed. The ferry boat services to koufonisia include connections between the Small Cyclades islands and with Naxos and Amorgos. Some days of the week there are also connections directly with Piraeus.

Koufonissia is the name of the two islands, which are separated by a strait 200 metres wide. Kato Koufonissi is uninhabited. Pano Koufonissi which is known as just Koufonissi is the smallest of the small Cycladic islands but the most densely populated. All along the southern coast of the island there are wonderful beaches with beautiful stretches of sand, azure blue and green colored waters and all kinds of water sports facilities. In Koufonissi there is a post office, petrol station, ATM, hotels and rooms for rent, tavernas, shops selling folk art and a few bars.

Shinoussa island, situated north east of Heraklia island, offers the visitor its own special beauty. The few Iraklia inhabitants are concentrated in the two island settlements of Panagia and Messaria. The harbour of Shinoussa, called Mersini, is famous for being one of the safest harbours for small boats in the whole Aegean and is situated 1200 metres from Hora. Shinoussa has about fifteen small beaches, each one more beautiful than the other. Apart from the fresh fish served in the tavernas, visitors should try some of the other local specialties such as roast lamb with rice, small pies made with the local mizithra cheese, Diples which isa folded pastry with honey, kopanisti and sour mizithra, both local Iraklia island cheeses.

Donoussa is situated opposite the eastern shores of Naxos, away from the other small Cycladic islands. Its few inhabitants live in the settlement of Donoussa, Haravgi, Mersini and Kalotaritisa. The island has beautiful small beaches such as the one in the bay where the harbour is and at Kendro.

Iraklia is the southern most island of the small Eastern Cyclades, known for its natural beaut. Far away from the bustle and noise of modern day life, its few inhabitants make their living from fishing, farming and the raising of animals. There is only one road, which connects the two villages of the island, Ai Yiorgis village which is also the islands harbour and Panagia also know as Hora. The road and the paths which criss cross the island lead to wonderful beaches, the cave of Ai Yiannis, located one hour away on foot from Hora, is one of the most beautiful caves in Greece. Apart from enjoying the natural beauty of the island the visitor can also try the fresh fish, the local mezedes and enjoy the traditional koufonissia music.

Greece and Worldwide hotels cars cruises  - realtime online travel reservations  - discounted hotel rates last minute travel deals