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Located close to the heart of the Saronic Gulf, the island of Hydra can be brought into your itinerary with ease for an overnight or an extended stay. You can easily combine a visit to Hydra with your stay in Athens, Porto Heli, Nafplio or even the islands of Poros, Aegina and Spetses. Ferry/hydrofoil crossings between the islands are daily and frequent allowing Hydra to fit in well for those wishing to have a taste of island hopping in the Greek islands but whom have limited time schedules. If you choose Hydra as your base however, you may find no reason to go beyond her shores. As you step off the vessel you may find what may seem like a bustling town. As you walk through the harbor, subconsciously attempting to adjust yourself to the pace of Hydra's life, you will pass a line of charming tavernas and cafes waiting to greet their new visitors. Walking through you may look to your right and notice a line of boats pleasantly docked for the evening or beyond. Before them you will see a number of donkeys and horses stationed and you may wonder why At this point it is well worth sitting at one of the many tavernas where you will be greeted by your host with Yiasas before escorting you to your table where you may order your Ellinikos kafes Greek coffee or ouzo. Looking around you, attempting to grasp the mystery that surrounds the island, you will notice the lack of vehicles and motorbikes, the lack of smog and mechanical noise pollution you left behind you in the first world. You may notice that those donkeys and horses you see are there to escort you to your destination. Every now and again you may hear a trader trying to make a living by strolling up and down and yelling his product. You may stop and try to imagine the scene, taking away the boats docked and the modern dress sense of the people and you may just visualize yourself fitting perfectly back in time with the same movement of generations ago. You are on the island of 'Majestic Hydra'. Your chapter has only just began

History of Hydra Island of Greece

With an area of 48 square kilometers populated by 2,800 inhabitants the islanders believe that the name Hydra came about through the once ample drinking water fountains found on the island. Once inhabited by the Driopian shepherds whose ruins can still be found in the Episkopi area gradually became barren due to a large fire that destroyed the forests that were once abundant. Threatened by Turkish persecution during the 15th century many Greek refugees fled to the island in search for shelter. Due to Hydra been barren, the islander's became a dominant force of the sea in an effort to substitute the limited land resources. Its navigational strength soon led the island to be characterized as a 'small England'. So mighty was the island's strength that during the Greek Revolution for Independence in 1821, Hydra's fleet amounted to 130 battle ships measuring at the time to two thirds of the total Greek fleet. Since Greek independence, Hydra has attracted many of the elite such as artists, poets, admirals and prime ministers and continues to do so today. Hydra island is an excellent choice for those seeking to venture into something typically Greek, unspoiled and a haven for those seeking explorers. The islands 18th century mansions, the landscape, the perfect sunsets, and it's narrow paths that lead into the outskirts of the town and its well maintained and traditional architecture are only a few reasons for the island being renowned as an 'Artists Hideout'. Its maze of narrow paths will make you anxiously wonder what will be revealed at the opening around every corner.

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